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Probate and Administration Department

Our probate and administration department take instructions from clients who wish to make a Will or administer the estates of their deceased relatives and friends.

A valid Will is the cheapest method of controlling and directing future ownership of assets. The restrictions on making a Will are minimal and the benefits gained by the successors in terms of certainty and continuity are invaluable. Every person who owns property, owns or runs a business or, who has children under 25 years should make a Will. Those persons in a long term relationship not based on marriage are particularly vulnerable where one partner dies without a Will.

In the absence of a valid Will, the State through its Succession legislation provides a crude (and in many cases devisive) mechanism for dividing the deceased’s assets.

Following a death, the probate or administration process falls into three distinct categories as follows:

listbtn.gif (947 bytes) The valuation of assets and liabilities and, returns to the Revenue Commissioners.
listbtn.gif (947 bytes) The formal application for the Grant of probate or administration.
listbtn.gif (947 bytes) The distribution of the deceased’s assets in accordance with his Will or, in the absence of a valid Will, in accordance with the defined shares in the Succession Act legislation.

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